Nothing is Finished til the Paper Work Is Done!

Henry and Guinness could finally register their little 
bus!  They REALLY didn't want to stand in the lines 
to do all this paper work, but if they didn't get the 
papers they couldn't get their little bus towed home.

Henry:  I need to go use the Fire Hydrants.  Save my place in the line.
Guinness: What do I do if our number comes up?
Henry: Don't be nervous. Just show them the insurance papers and 
say you want a license plate.


While Henry was in the Fire Hydrant room, the automatic Upright's voice blurted
"Now Serving: A54 at window 7".
That was fast, thought Guinness, as she trotted up to the window.
"Good Day Ma'am.  I'm here to get a plate for my little bus."

"Do you have a bus driver's license?" queried the registry worker? 
Guinness fumbled through her purse and produced her Driver's License.

"That is not for a bus" said the lady. "That is for a car."
"Dang Nabbit!" said Guinness indignantly.  What is the big deal.
It's just a little bus, she thought.
"Can I get a license plate?"

"How many tires does your little bus have?" asked the lady.

"How stupid does she think I am," thought Guinness, "Four".

"That's all?" said the lady.  "How many passengers?"
"16 puppies, or 8 dogs", replied Guinness.

"Oh, that is just a passenger van," said the lady.
"Yes you can get a license plate. 
Does your bus have a name?"
"Wiggle" replied Guinness.

"Very well," said the registry lady, "That will be 130.00 please."

"One Hundred Thirty Dollars?" Henry was not back from the Hydrants yet 
and Guinness didn't have any where near 130.00 in her purse.
"Do you take PayPaw?" she asked nervously. 

"No, but we take your Master's Card" said the lady.
So Guinness whipped out Mother Upright's credit card and charged even
MORE money than what they already owed her.

Henry came back just in time to see  the new plate for their little bus.
It was pawfect! 
Now they could have it towed home!

That is NOT a license for a bus...