Table Of Contents, Photos, art and story are the Copyrighted Pawperty of Henry Holland
and may not be copied without his consent which he will not give without considerable


1.A Certain Pawdicament

2.Mission ImPawsible

3.A Window For Every Snout


5.A Restless Sleep

6.The Color of Sunshine

7.Money Makes the Wheels Go Around

8.Paper Tail

9.Triple Thumbs to the Rescue

10.That's What Friends Are For

11.You Light Up My Life

12.Home Sweet Home

13.On The Road Again

14.Sweet Celebration


16.Put On A Happy Face

17.Wiggle While You Work

18.I Scream You Scream

19.A Pawfect Day

20.A Wiggle Snack

21.Fun Fun Fun

22.Dream Come True

23.Sheepie Kisses



If you like our story,

24.The Day The Uprights Cried

25.Henry's Wish

26.The Gum-Drop Tree

27.A Feeling As If...

28.Building Bridges

29.An Empty Seat

30.Pot Luck

31.Cloud Fur-mations

32.A Thousand Miles Away

33.Special Angels

34.Henry's Heros

35.Rescue Dust

36.Hitchin' A Ride

37.Furever Home


38.Pawceed With Caution

39.In the Stop Light

40.Nose Print

41.Furlock Bones

42.Wiggle's Gift

43.Dance of the Rescue Dust

            The End Book One


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