Triple Thumbs To The Rescue  


Triple Thumbs Towing
We're All Thumbs
When Paws Won't Do the Trick

Henry and Guinness could hardly contain their excitement now that their little bus was coming home... Even if it was on a tow truck!  And that is EXACTLY how it arrived. 

Patrick O'Malley watched out the front window through the March snow...the WiggleBus would be towed right past their front door. 

HT and Scruffy boosted themselves up on a couch to see the big event.

Guinness and Henry watched nervously out the big glass door in front.  Guinness was so happy that she was surprised when she felt a big lump in her throat.  She almost wanted to cry, but she couldn't tell if it was a sad cry or a happy cry. 
Henry was feeling the same thing.  But neither of them told the other.

Wiggle is loaded up for the journey to 
When the little Wiggle Bus finally flew by, the moment was over in an instant.

All of the dogs hollered and hooted in great excitement until Mother Upright knew what had just happened. "Oh, alright," she said, "jump in the car". 

So they all piled in as fast as they could.  No one fought about windows this time, and they dashed down to Bill Furless the beloved mechanic who agreed to see the Wiggle Bus. 

Bill took one look at the little bus being towed in by Triple Thumbs.

"Where did you ever find this?" he asked.
"DogbaY",  replied Henry.

"You should have taken me with you," said Bill.
"This thing is a mess.  I'll call you when I locate the parts."

Henry was concerned by what Bill Furless was saying, but Guinness could hardly sit still.  Her butt was wiggling a mile a minute with the excitement of finally seeing their little yellow bus.

As soon as the weather was better they planned on coming back to see the little bus up close.