The Mystery Of The Stolen Gift  

Molly Malone was so excited by her gift to the Uprights, that she woke up before the others and slipped out quietly to admire it one more time. 

When she got to the dining room, she was horrified to see that someone had stolen all of the snow.  She ran to wake the others.

"Cricket, Patrick, Hank, Henry! Come quickly!" She cried.  "Someone has stolen our snow!  Someone with a heart as cold as ice!"

Everyone ran to inspect the robbery.  Molly Malone was right.  The thief had stolen all but the tiniest bits of snow.  Molly Malone burst into tears.  Her very special gift had been stolen before the uprights could ever enjoy it.  All that was left was a slushy, watery mess. 

"How could we have slept through our own home being robbed?" cried Patrick.

The sheepies sniffed for clues, but for once in their lives, they could not pick up a single scent or trail.


Poor Molly Malone.  The only thing she had wished for herself was to find the perfect gift for the Uprights.  Now someone had stolen it beneath their noses.  The sheepies didn't know what to say to comfort her. 

"We'll get to the bottom of this, Molly," said Henry.

"Should we call the pawlice?" asked Cricket.

Henry sniffed around again.  "I'm afraid the pawlice will need some help.  This job was pawfessional.  They didn't leave a pawprint or even the slightest scent.   This is a job for the F.B.I. 

"That's right!" cried Patrick.  "Call Furlock Bones Investigator!"


Henry wasted no time making the call. After all, it WAS an emergency.

"Office of the F.B.I.  This is Agent Beak, how may I direct your call?" Squawked Beak.

"Agent Beak, it's Henry Holland.  There has been a crime here, can you put me through to Furlock?" he asked.

Agent Beak sensed Henry's urgency, and transferred the call to Furlock Bones Investigator who was out on assignment.

"FBI, speaking.  "If you've got a crime, I've got the time!" said Furlock.

"Furlock! Glad I could reach you," said Henry in a serious voice, as he explained all the details to Furlock of the mystery of the stolen gift.