You Melt My Heart  

Henry carefully answered all of Furlock's question.

"Yes, the door is locked.

No pawprints, no foot prints.

Definitely no trace of a scent."

"Sounds like an inside job," said Furlock.

"You think one of US did it?" Asked Henry in disbelief.

"Describe every single thing in the room for me," said Furlock.

"Well," said Henry, looking around, "there's the dining room table, windows and doors, but they are locked.  There's a light on the ceiling, and dishes and cabinets.  Just dining room stuff and stockings hung by the chimney.   The burglar couldn't have come down the chimney either, because there's a fire in the fireplace."

"And where was the snow left?" asked Furlock.

"In front of the fireplace," said Henry, still bewildered.


Furlock made a mental picture in his head of everything Henry said.  Suddenly he burst out laughing.

"There is your thief!" laughed Furlock.

"Where?" asked Henry.

"The fireplace! Your snow was not STOLEN, it MELTED!"

"Melted!" gasped Henry.  "Of course!  Thanks old friend!  You've done it again.  Now if only I could find a way to break the news to Molly Malone," thought Henry out loud.  "She had her heart set on giving the Uprights a white Christmas."

"Good luck with that!" said Furlock.  "I have to go back to fighting crime now!"

"Thanks again," said Henry, amazed at how smart his friend was.


When Henry told Molly what Furlock said, she felt like a complete failure.  

Not only did she fail at getting the uprights a wonderful present, she now had a big mess to clean up.  Her eyes were filling with tears as she complained to Henry. 

"All I wanted was to give the uprights a white Christmas.  My whole plan has back fired."

Henry started to giggle.  "Did you say  back fire?"

Molly started to see the humor in the situation too.

"I'm going to tell the others that the case is solved," said Henry.

Molly Malone finished mopping up the slushy mess that once had been the perfect gift.  "I don't know how to solve MY problem," she thought.  "Now I have no gift to give at all."

At that moment Molly heard a car pull up. 
"The uprights are home," she thought sadly.  "If only they had come home a few hours earlier."

"Look honey," said Mr. Upright to Mrs. Upright.  "It's a dream come true!  It looks like 'someone' has washed the floor for us!"

Mrs. Upright was beaming with happiness.
"We're so sorry if we've spoiled your surprise, Molly Malone" she said.  "But we've caught you giving us the most wonderful gift.  You are the sweetest dog, and you have given us a very special present."

"How thoughtful!" said Mr. Upright.

"Yes," said Mrs. Upright.  "You melt my heart!"

Molly Malone just sat there with a sheepish grin.  "Things aren't always what they seem," she thought.

 "I guess my wish has come true after all.  I have given the Uprights a perfect gift!"