Helping The Rescue Dust  

Patrick left for work, while the others sat and mulled over the events of the day.

"I guess you got your wish after all, Molly," said Henry, "but it would have been fun to hear the Uprights holler if they had seen your snow!"

"As long as they are happy," said Cricket, "we are doing our jobs."

"Our wishes are all coming true!" smiled Molly Malone.

"I didn't get MY wish yet," said Henry.  "I wished for a train ride!"

"I didn't get mine either," said Hank.

"I wished for my very own family to love, but they have not come.   Someone else came to meet me yesterday but they didn't choose me either," said Hank sadly.

Molly and Cricket were stunned.  They did not know that Hank had been passed over a second time. 

"Why?" asked Cricket in disbelief.

"They decided to get a little puppy. No one is going to love me," sighed Hank.


"We love you!" insisted Molly Malone, "And we ARE your family! We are your RESCUE family!" 

"Maybe it's not time for your wish to come true yet," said Cricket thoughtfully.

"Somewhere, there must be someone who thinks I belong, but how will they ever find me in this great big world?" wondered Hank.

"Believe in the Rescue Dust," said Henry.

"Maybe the Rescue Dust needs our help," suggested Molly Malone.

"The HEAD BEAGLE!" cried Cricket.  "She is the dustiest person I know!  Let's send the Grannie a new picture of Hank and tell her that he is not horrible any more.  He is not one bit horrible! She can put him in her computer at the pawphanage and look for a match on the internet!"

"Why don't we just put me on the computer from here?" asked Hank, (who liked the idea of not being called 'horrible').

"Remember the rule!" said Molly Malone. 

"No posting things on the computer without an adult!  We don't want any bad guys to get you!"

"Oh yeah," said Hank.

Cricket got the camera.

"Stand over here and SMILE," she told Hank as she switched places with him.

"No wait," she said. "Don't just smile.  Think of your furever home.  Look right into the camera as if you are looking into the face of the family that makes your dream come true.   Believe in the rescue dust.  Believe that somewhere is your furever place!"

Hank did what he was told. Deep inside his heart he was hoping with all his might.

"Come get me upright family.  I KNOW you are out there." 

Cricket snapped a picture to send to Grannie Annie. 

Hank hoped the tears starting to fill his eyes did not show in the picture.

Could it be true that someone somewhere would see his picture and know they were meant to be?