Not So Horrible Hank  

"How far away does the internet reach?" asked Hank, as Molly sent his newest picture to Grannie Annie.

"It goes all the way around the world, and then back again," said Molly, who knew the most about computers. 

"Grannie Annie will send you flying around the world!" laughed Cricket. 
"If there is a better place for you than right here, she'll find it."

"Why does he have to go at all?" complained Scruffy, who hated to admit she was going to miss Hank.

"Every dog has a mission," said Henry. 
"His very first mission in life will begin when he finds his furever home."

Cricket was right.  Grannie Annie wasted no time in putting (Not So Horrible) Hank's picture up on the internet.

Molly was right too.  The internet reached around the world, and soon Hank's picture was popping up in caring homes all around the country.

And Henry was right also.  Every dog has a mission, and far far away, the beautiful old Harriet was trying to accomplish her very last one. 

Every dog dreams of earning their wings at the end of a life of loyalty and service to their beloved uprights. 

Harriet knew that her time would be soon, but before she could go, she needed to make certain that her upright would be ok.  She had been on the lookout  for a puppy named Horrible Horrible Hank ever since her dream of Aspen.

Harriet's heart skipped a beat when she saw Hank's picture on the internet.  Could this be HIM?  It only said "Hank".  It did not say "Horrible Horrible Hank."  She put her glasses on and read his description:

"Once a horrible horrible puppy, Hank has learned his lesson, and he deserves a new home with an experienced upright."


"That's him!" she cried.  As she looked closer at his picture she could see something glistening in Hank's eyes.  Tears?  She looked again.  It was the twinkle of rescue dust! 

Harriet was certain that she found Rik's new guardian puppy.  A shiver went up and down her spine.  She was rightfully proud of herself for finding Hank, and she knew that she was close to earning her wings.  None the less, she could not hold back the heavy sigh that came next.  She was going to miss her uprights very much.

"If only I could stay long enough to see them bond," she thought.

She zoomed in on Hank's picture and left the computer on Rik's desk.  "He shuts it off every night before he goes to bed," she thought.  "He won't be able to miss Hank now!  I've done all that I can do, it's up to the rescue dust from here."