Book 3 Table Of Contents, Photos, art and story are the Copyrighted Pawperty of Henry Holland
and may not be copied without his consent, which he will not give without considerable 


1. reFURences Available uPAWn ReQuest

2. Pawing the Pavement

3. Something To Take To The Bank

4. A Golden opPAWtunity

5. S'no Pawblem

6. All Paws On Deck

7. Cold Cash

8. Family Matters

9. Say Ahh...

10. Patrick Becomes A Real Jerk

11. A Chocolate Strawberry Kiss

12. You Little Squirt!

13. Frozen Rescue Dust


14. Horrible, Horrible Hank!

15. I Can Do Anything Better Than You!

16. A Bone To Pick

17. No One Understands!

18. Right Turn Only

19. We FURgive You

20. Helpful, Helpful Hank!




21. Star Light, Star Bright

22. Far, Far Away

23. Birthday Crunch Surprise

24. Hop On Board!

25. A Celebration Of Lights

26. The Tunnel Of Love

27. Yes!!!

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28. A Close Call

29. Molly's Bright Idea

30. Let It Snow!

31. The Mystery Of The Stolen Gift

32. You Melt My Heart

33. Helping the Rescue Dust

34. Not So Horrible Horrible Hank



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35. Hank's First Chanukah

36. Youngest To Oldest

37. Shalom

38. Love At First Sniff

39. Happy Trails To You

40. You Better Not Pout



41. All Aboard!

42. O Christmas Tree!

43. Up On The Roof Top!

44. Deck The WiggleBus With Holly

45. The Best Place To See Santa

46. Under The MistlePaw

47. Should Auld Acquaintance Be Furgot



48. Global Pawsitioning System

49. Opawration Rudolph

50. I Love A Pawrade

51. Barking Through The Snow

52. uPAWn A Midnight Not So Clear

53. Here Comes Santa Claus

54. Do You See What I See?

55. ePAWlogue


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