Under The MistlePaw  


By Christmas eve, the tree was all decorated and lit, with lots of presents underneath. 

While Henry and Molly were wrapping presents in the next room, Patrick found the pawfect oppawtunity to give Cricket her gift while they were alone.

"Santa is going to love our tree," he said, admiring how it touched the ceiling.

"I love it too!" said Cricket, "Merry Christmas eve."

"Did you see where you are sitting?" smiled Patrick.

"Where?" asked Cricket.


"Under the mistlepaw," laughed Patrick.

"Can I have a kiss?" he asked.

Cricket giggled and gave him a little Christmas kiss.

"I have something for you," said Patrick.  "Go ahead and open it."

Cricket could hardly wait to see what Patrick had for her. 
She tore the paper off quickly, sniffing it for clues.

"A rhinestone collar!" she gasped.
"It's gorgeous!  And pink is my favorite color!"

"Maybe you will wear it to our wedding?" asked Patrick.

"When ARE we getting married?" beamed Cricket.

"Whenever you like," smiled Patrick.

"When all the flowers are in bloom," said Cricket. 
"Let's get married in the spring."

"How did you ever afford this?" she asked, suddenly pawplexed about how much Patrick had spent for her beautiful collar.
"Don't worry Cricket," Patrick whispered in her ear.  "I bought it with my Christmas BONEus!" 

"You got a BONEus!  I am so proud of you!" she smiled.

"And there is still some left over for Wiggle," smiled Patrick.


Patrick could hardly wait to tell Cricket all the wonderful things the manager said when he gave Patrick the extra money, but the phone started ringing before he could say a word.