Should Auld Acquaintance Be Furgot?  

"Can someone answer the phone?" Cricket called out, not wanting to end her moment with Patrick.

"I've got it!" yelled Molly Malone. 

"Hello, this is Molly Malone speaking," she said pawlitely.

"Merry Christmas Molly, it's me, Hank!"

"Hank!  How ARE you?" smiled Molly Malone. "We miss you!"

"I miss you too," said Hank.  "I just wanted to wish all of you a happy holiday, and to say thank your for finding the pawfect family for me.   I am really happy here!"

"That is the best news!" smiled Molly Malone.

"My new family has lots of dogs, too.  The oldest is Harriett.  She said it will be my  job to take care of my uprights when she goes to heaven soon to get her wings.  Then  I will have my own special mission!"

"Hank we are all so happy for you!" said Molly Malone.

"I love you all, and I will never furget you," said Hank.
"Please tell Wiggle and the others that I called."


Meanwhile, Cricket listenned intently to the rest of Patrick's story.

She looked at him with great big eyes of admiration.

"I love you so much," she said to him. 

"I can't wait until Spring," laughed Patrick.

Cricket furrowed her brow.  
"And?" she asked.

"Oops," said Patrick sheepishly. 

"And," he continued, "I love you too!"


Molly Malone cleared her throat to announce that she had entered the room.

"I have great news," she said, and she told them about her phone call with Hank.


"We have some great news too!" smiled Patrick.  "We are getting married in the spring!"

"That is WONDERFUL news," said Molly Malone.   "Do you have a date?"

"We're not quite sure," smiled Cricket.  "After the flowers are in bloom, but before the fleas hatch."

As they enjoyed a quiet Christmas eve together, they had no idea there was trouble in the air.