Global Pawsitioning System  

Once upon a time, it would have been fairly simple to find one's way around the world with a team of reindeer, but in this day and age, the sky is a complicated place to travel.

Tracking safety in the sky is a whole new pawfession since Santa's first flight.  It's a pawfession that Colonel Kramer takes very seriously, especially on Christmas eve.

There are buildings, planes and towers to be wary of, and the weather must be monitored at all times.

Colonel Kramer watched from the control room as the radar signaled the approach of massive fog over the ocean, heading toward the coast. 


He checked his watch several times and waited for the scope to confirm that Santa had reached the United States on time. 

At the precise moment Santa reached Boston air space, the scope locked on his pawsition and confirmed his arrival.

Colonel Kramer smiled, but only briefly.  To his horror, Santa disappeared from view and the Global Pawsitioning Units went to red alert.


Hoping that the satellites had simply lost their signal in the fog, Colonel Kramer went out to check their calibration.

The news was not good.

The Global Pawsitioning System was correct:
Santa was lost, and according to the radar, he was no longer in the sky.



"SLEIGH DOWN! SLEIGH DOWN" announced the Colonel.

"Deploy the Retrievers for Ground Search and Sniff Pawtrol at coordinates: 

    LATITUDE: N42 degrees  29.336'
    LONGITUDE: W 70 degrees  59.200'

Activate Opawration Rudolph at once!

And get Henry Holland on the line!  ASAP!