Opawration Rudolph  

The fog was getting thicker and the radar indicated an unexpected winter storm was on it's way.

Colonel Kramer got Henry on the phone.

The others watched an expression of grave concern cover Henry's face as he heard what his friend Kramer had to say.

"I understand," Henry said.  "Top Secret."

"What's that?  In Skirts?"

"Um, er, well I guess if it will help," said Henry. 
"You can count on us!"

"I'm not wearing any skirt," declared Patrick overhearing Henry's conversation.

"No way, no how. I don't care if it IS a secret mission, you won't catch me in a skirt!"

The others just listened, trying to figure out why Henry looked so worried.


Henry hung up the phone and broke the news to everyone.

"We have no time to lose, Santa is in trouble!" he said.

"The Paw Force lost contact with his sleigh a few minutes ago.  They think he is in a city just north of Boston. They are organizing a Top Secret ground search right now.

"Why is it TOP SECRET?" asked the others. 

"Why not just put out an ALL PAWS BULLETIN?"

"This has international impawcations," said Henry. 
"We have to search everywhere for him, but we cannot worry the children."


"Oh that's right!" sighed Molly Malone. 
"The poor children would be so scared.  What do we have to do?"

"Listen carefully," said Henry.  "There is only one way to get hundreds of rescue vehicles, pawlice, sirens and search teams through the city inpawspicuously:  Disguise the whole thing as a parade!"

"Brilliant!" said Patrick.

"Kramer's idea," said Henry.

"No wonder he's a Colonel!" said Cricket.

"The rescue vehicles must be all decked out.  Cricket, can you help me get the holiday lights on Wiggle?  They are dressing up the fire engines, pawlice cars, and anyone they can trust to help with the search." 

"I'm on it!" said Cricket.

"Molly Malone, can you please find the foolish Santa hats the uprights dress us up in each year to take our pictures?"

"Roger that," she said.


"Patrick, grab the Christmas tree skirt off the tree, and check with the neighbors too. See if they'll lend you theirs.  We need six or seven.   Tell them we'll explain later. 

"HT and Scruffy, can you get a map of the northern Boston area from the internet?  Take it out to Wiggle.  Hurry!  Everyone be outside in ten minutes!   We need to pick up Kramer. He's riding with us!"

The terriers took the map out to Wiggle to discuss the "parade route".  The sheepies finished their chores and met in the yard.

"It's really foggy out here," said Cricket, nervously.

"And dark!" said Molly Malone, (who was still a little bit afraid in the dark).

"Ok, get in to your disguises," said Henry.

Wearing a skirt is STUPID, frowned Patrick.

"It will cheer up the kids," said Molly Malone, "besides, it's only a Christmas tree skirt."

"Couldn't I wear a clown suit or something?" objected Patrick.

"No time to argue," said Henry. "Santa needs us!"

The sheepies huddled together to finalize their plans.