Before Henry and Patrick left on their journey, they stopped to talk with Wiggle.

"How are you feeling, old friend?" Henry asked.

"I'm sad I can't help you with the puppy right now," said Wiggle.  "Michael has been very good to me, and I'm sure I will be better soon."

"You need some rescue dust too," said Patrick.

Just then, they heard a tiny voice.  "I will capture all I can for her," said the voice.

"Who said that?" asked Patrick.

"Up here," said the voice.

Patrick and Henry looked up and saw a magical swirl of color.

"What is that?" they asked.

"I'm so sorry," said Wiggle, "I've forgotten my manners.  Allow me to introduce you."

"Henry and Patrick," said Wigglebus, "this is Itsy.  She is a Rescue Weaver."

"Rescue Weaver?" the dogs said together.

"I am pleased to meet your acquaintance," said Itsy.  "I know how worried you are about your friend.  I am here to catch rescue dust for her."

"Of course!" said Henry. "A rescue web! That's brilliant!  We HAVE been worried about you Wiggle."

"It may take time," said Wiggle, "but I will be back to help you.  Don't worry about me any more, you have a puppy to save!"

"Have a wonderful journey," said Itsy.  "The world is full of creatures who can help you, and creatures you can help too."

"I wonder what she meant by that," whispered Patrick.

"It's almost like she knows what's going to happen next," said Henry.