Henry and Patrick carried their bindles for several miles without once ever stopping to think about lunch.

"My puppy is out there and he needs me," thought Patrick.


Henry knew better than anyone what it was like being alone in this big world needing to be rescued.   He had a lot on his mind.  He was worried about his dear friend Wiggle, and he was worried about Cricket and Patrick finding their best puppy in the world.
"How do dogs help each other if they don't have a Wigglebus?" asked Patrick.  "The world is a complicated place."

"It helps to be part of the rescue web," said Henry.  "Together we can do so much more than we can do alone."  Henry was glad to know that Itsy was back home helping Wiggle.

"That's it over there," said Patrick, "across the parking lot is the train depot. At last!"


Henry tried the door of the old train depot, but it was locked.

"Now what?" said Patrick.  "I don't need one other thing to go wrong."

Henry whispered to Patrick to be patient. 

"Remember the rescue dust, we just have to follow it."

"I don't see any rescue dust here," said Patrick.  "I don't even see any train dust."

In fact, there was not a soul around, no people, no dogs, not even a bird. 

"This place looks deserted," said Patrick. 

They walked to the back of the depot.  There was a broken window, and another locked door, but there was no sign of a train, and no sign of where the trains could have gone. 

"I wonder how much train tickets cost to Missouri," asked Patrick. 

"Doesn't look like there's anyone here to tell us," said Henry.


The sheepies waited a couple of hours but no train came.

"Let's walk on the path next to the tracks," said Henry.  "Maybe there is another station open."