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1. The Claddapaw

2. Not a Peep

3. The Econ-No-Money

4. Grandpawrents

5. Where, Oh Where Can He Be?

6. 1-2-3- REDLIGHT!

7. The Head Beagle

8. Free To Good Home

9. Misty-Eyed

10. Whatever It Takes

11. Spot Marks the Ex

12. The Magic Box

13. Opawration Cotton Tail

14. The Dust Bunnies

15. You're No Bunny Til Some Bunny Loves You

16. Wiggle Is Exhausted

17. A Feeling of Rejection

18. Empty Nest Syndrome

19. Fly Robin Fly!

20. The Birds and The Bees

21. Our Hearts Will Go On

22. I Wuv You

23. What a Rescue Web We Weave

24. Seven Bells

25. Good News, Bad News

26. The Pawper PrePAWrations

27. Michael Tow The Bus No More

28. A Family Affur

29. The Itsy Rescue Spider

30. The Last Train to Nowhere

31. Hobo T. Bumpkin

32. Bone & Kibble Mountain

33. The Underground Railroad

34. Love and Let Go

35. Storm Watch

36. A Simple Gift

37. Such Sweet Sorrow

38. Planes Trains & Pawtomobiles

39. Once uPAWn A Time

40. Wiggle's Angels

41. Rustectomy

42. This is How We Roll

43. The Rescue Stork

44. Sweet Chariot

45. The Rescue Angel's Prayer

46. Heaven Can Wait

47. I Can't Sleep

48. Fur Whatever Time We Have

49. One Paw in Front of the Other

50. PJ Wigglebee

51. Stick Out Your Tongue

52. A Terrible Pawgnosis

53. Knick Knack PJ Whack

54. Chicken Soup for a Puppy Soul

55. Do You Love Me?

56. I Don't Feel Good

57. PJ's Last Chance


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