I Scream You Scream  

At long last it was time to take Wiggle on a REAL trip. Henry and Guinness had finished the seats and the uprights reconnected all of Wiggle's fancy flashing lights. Her new name was on the sides of the bus. The only thing left was to decide where to go.

"This is Wiggle's first trip in a long time," said Patrick O'Malley.  "Let's let HER decide."

"Good idea," they all agreed.

They presented Wiggle with the decision and she made up her mind instantly.

"My favorite thing used to be taking the kids to get ice cream on the last day of school... Let's get ICE CREAM!" she exclaimed.

"WOO HOO, Hip Hip Hooray!" All the dogs shouted. "We LOVE ice cream"...

The five dogs piled in... the magic was working! No one fought about which window they would get...There was just one little pawblem.

HT wanted to drive so badly.  Henry and Guinness looked at her, looked at the floor, and looked at each other.   She was too tiny to reach the pedals, but she REALLY wanted to drive. 

Wiggle caught the conversation back and forth between Henry and Guinness. 
"Don't worry," she whispered, "I'll take care of it".

The five dogs piled in for their very first trip for ICE CREAM. Each one in their own seat.  Each one with their own window, and HT in the driver's seat.  Secretly, Wiggle was doing the driving, but everyone thought it was best to let HT feel really big today!

"Fasten Your Seat Belts," Wiggle told everyone.
She was feeling pretty impawtant once again.
Wiggle gave a BIG speech about seat belts.
"You always 'click' the ones you love," she said.

"At last!" thought Guinness, "wonderful smells at 40 miles per hour!"

HT, Henry, Patrick, Guinness, Scruffy, and Wiggle of course, the first crew happily looked out the window knowing they had the best bus in the world.