A PAWfect Day  

Guinness put on her prettiest special hat! 

The moment anyone said "WIGGLE BUS," she was already to go on her next adventure. She looked at Henry and Patrick O'Malley with her big brown eyes and said, "I have the best family in the world! Let's go shopping today and have some REAL fun!"

Henry and Patrick O'Malley were always happy to try something new. Besides, they thought Guinness deserved to go wherever she wanted to, after all, it was her idea to get a Wiggle Bus in the first place. 

So Guinness picked a shopping mall and bought presents for Wiggle, some fun toys, and things she knew that Henry and Patrick needed. 

The guys joked about how much she loved to go shopping, but they were getting a big kick out of seeing her so happy. 

"Thank you so much for letting me have such a pawfect day," said Guinness with appreciation.

"You deserve it," said Henry. 
"Yeah," said Patrick. "You can buy us presents any day!"

"I got you these presents because I love you so much" said Guinness. 

"We love you too," Henry and Patrick said at the same time.

"You know what would make this day even MORE special?" asked Guinness.

"You name it," said Henry.  "This is your day".

"Let's drive Wiggle through a Drive-Up WIndow!" exclaimed Guinness.

"Cool," said Patrick.

"You've got it!" said Henry, hoping their very tall Wiggle Bus would make it through the drive-thru.

"Can I drive this time?" Guinney asked.

"Sure, it's definitely your turn!" said Henry.

So Guinness gave Wiggle a big kiss and started up her engine.