Family Matters  

Early the next morning, the gang met to discuss the best way to take care of Wiggle's cold.

Since Henry had plugged in her battery the night before, her temperature was much better.  But the storm over night had covered her in more snow.  Wiggle was stiff, and feeling her age.  She was hoping she could just make it to the bus hospital to get an oil transfusion.

"We have 100. dollars," said Patrick.  "I am certain we can help Wiggle with all that money."

"Our payment is due to Mother Upright for the first loan we took," said Henry, who had been trying hard to find ways to pay her back for the money they borrowed for Wiggle last year. 

"I'm sure she'll understand if we run into trouble," said Cricket.

"I'm going to go to the drugstore to get Wiggle some sore throat losengers," said Patrick.


"I was hoping we could buy presents for everyone for the holidays," said Molly sadly. 
"Whatever Wiggle needs, we should get," said Cricket.  "She has always been there for us.  I wish we could bring her inside the house with us.  I hate to leave her out in the cold. Besides, an oil transfusion can be her present.  Don't worry Molly, we'll find a way to give everyone gifts."
Patrick left for the drug store, and Molly and Cricket went inside to call for an appointment for Wiggle's transfusion.

Henry put a scarf on and went to shovel out his dear old friend.

"You are so good to me, Henry," said Wiggle. "I'll never forget the day you first brought me home."

"And you are so good to all of us," said Henry. 
"We have to look out for each other! After all, we're a family!"