Say Ahhh...  

Henry left a 'Get Well' message on Wiggle's hood while he brushed the rest of the snow off her. His paw prints brought a big smile back to Wiggle's face.

Molly and Cricket came out to tell them that the hospital could take them right away.

"Don't worry Wiggle," Molly reassured her.  "You only have to make it down the street.  Everything will be ok. We PAWmise you."


Wiggle started her engine but everyone could tell she did not feel well. 
It sounded like her throat hurt and she drove funny too.  The bus jerked back and forth as she made her way to the hospital.
When she pulled in, the Emergency Bus Doctors were waiting to take her right in for the oil transfusion.
There were lots of instruments to help the bus doctors, but Wiggle was very brave around them.  She knew they were going to help her feel better.

"Say ahh..." they told her.  "We will have you feeling better in a jiffy."


Henry, Molly, and Cricket watched the whole thing from a special waiting room. 

"Why do we have to watch out here?" asked Molly.

"I think it's so we don't give Wiggle any germs," said Cricket.