Wiggle brought everyone home safely, but she couldn't fall asleep. 

There was still something on her mind. 

The snow had stopped falling.  

Compared to all the excitement earlier, it was now a silent night.

Wiggle wasn't the only one having trouble falling asleep.  Henry was having trouble too.  He put his "Santa outfit" on and brought a little tree out to Wiggle.

"That is so pretty!" she said. "For me?"  As she spoke, the snow fell off her lips and Henry could see her smile.

"Merry Christmas, dear Wiggle," said Henry.  "I just felt like being with an old friend.

"I miss her too," said Wiggle, knowing that Henry was missing Guinness on their first Christmas without her.

"I just wish she were here," he said.

"How do you know she isn't?" smiled Wiggle. 
"Do you see what I see?"

The storm had ended and beautiful stars were beginning to poke through the dark sky like diamonds.

"The memory of everyone we love lives on in our hearts," said Wiggle, "just like the stars in the sky.  They go on furever."

Henry noticed the little angel at the top of the tree.  It reminded him of Guinness too.

"Everything still reminds me of her," he said.  "It feels like she is always here."

"And that is the greatest gift of all," said Wiggle.  "That is the gift of love."

Cricket and Molly Malone were watching Henry from the window.

"Hey, let's go out with Henry and Wiggle and sing her a song!" said the girls.

Patrick grumbled a little because he wanted to go to bed like the terriers, but it was Christmas after all.  "It's not a skirt," he told himself.  "It's a cape!"

Henry didn't say a word, but motioned to Patrick with his eyes, as if to say, "do you see what I see?"

Patrick smiled.  He saw it too.  He smiled back at Henry in acknowledgment.

When everyone finally got to bed, Wiggle thought about what an amazing year it had been. 

She tried as hard as she could to stay awake to hear Santa. 

"He has to be here any minute," she thought. 

She believed that this year she WOULD stay awake long enough to see his roof top arrival. 

But just like all the other years, Wiggle was fast asleep when he arrived. 

(When Santa finally did get there, old Wiggle was snoring away!)