Of course santa left them each a nice present,
but sleeping in late seemed rather pleasant.
The dogs snuggled into their big comfy beds,
while visions of rescue dust danced in their heads.
     They had no idea that they all made the paper,
     for Kramerís ingenious Christmas eve caper!
The Gold Paw Of Honor  was pinned to his chest
for courage and valor when put to the test.

The towns people honored him, the big and the small,
and gave him the keys to their grand city hall.

You can read all the rest in the weekend edition
The Colonel had started a Christmas tradition.

For the children so loved the parade full of cheer,
That the mayor decided to have one each year.

The Santa Claus in their parade is for real
for the reindeer and he have come up with a deal,

A scheduled stop for Mrs. Doherty's snacks
guarantees that the reindeer will keep him on track.

The reindeer believe that they have it made,
while they are on break Santa walks the parade.

And if by some chance, they get out of control
you can count on the Colonel to be on Pawtrol.

While the Wiggle Crew slept unaware of their fame
as the end of Book Three quietly came,
 as the readers all sighed wishing for more,
Mr. Remington started 
to type up Book Four.