Cold Cash  

Patrick and the others had worked so hard helping the manager, that they had totally forgotten they were in a real job.

At the end of the day, the manager had a very big smile on his face! 

"You guys have saved the day!" he said happily. "My restaurant was the only one that could stay open.  We made a fortune, and I am giving you each 25.00 for your days' pay!"


Molly Malone thought that all the hamburgers they could eat was pay enough.  She certainly had her share.  But the manager insisted that they take their first pay checks for saving the day.

"I wish I could hire you for real," the manager said, "but my regular crew will be back tomorrow.  If I ever have an opening, I'll call you first! Now that you have real experience Patrick, you should have no trouble getting a job!"

Cricket did the math in her head. 
"Four times 25... that's ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS!" she gasped.  "In cold cash!  Just in time for the holidays!"

"Why do they call it cold cash?" asked Molly.

"I don't know, but we are RICH!" exclaimed Patrick, 
"Thanks guys, for coming to the rescue!"

"Thank YOU Patrick, for calling us to help!"

"And we got to keep our uniforms!" said Patrick.

"And it's still snowing outside!" said Henry.

"Like ice cream from heaven!" laughed Cricket.

"I could not eat another bite!" laughed Molly.

"Race you home!" cried Patrick.

It was getting dark as the friends made their way home.

Henry sniffed the way back.

As they got close to home, Henry thought he could hear someone sneezing.

"Wiggle, is that you? Are you ok?" he called.

Poor Wiggle was catching cold.  As the snow came down and she sat out in the freezing weather, her battery got weak and she started to sneeze.

"I'm afraid I am going to need an oil change," she told Henry as he plugged her battery in to keep her warm. "It's going to cost us some money," she said sadly.

The friends smiled proudly. 

"Why, we have the perfect solution!" said Molly, as they brushed snow off Wiggle.

"Yes, laughed Patrick.  "Now we know why they call it cold cash!  We can use it to help Wiggle recover from her cold!"