Wiggle While You Work  


Henry got out his measuring tape and his power tools. 

As wonderful as the Wiggle Bus was, she was clearly made for Uprights, not dogs.  Some customizing could make more room for them to stretch, without falling off the seats.

He fitted plywood for each "dog seat," (they had already picked the seats they wanted), and he left a few "old fashioned ones" for the Uprights.


"It's getting hot out here," thought Henry.
He called Guinness to ask for a drink.
Guinness brought Henry a "mocha furlata" from Doggn'Donuts.  Since he was working so hard on the bus, she even let him slurp up the whipped cream from the top.

"This is so amazing," said Guinness, "you are my hero!"

"I'm almost finished with the wood part," said Henry, (slurping up the compliments as fast as the whipped cream), "but we are going to need to make some cushions... about 5 inches high".



Guinness thought and thought. "Where can I get stuffing for cushions?"

She thought about Uprights and what they always put their butts on. 

"THAT'S  IT!" she beamed proudly... "UPRIGHT CUSHIONS"... and she headed straight to the dining room to get some stuffing.