For Better or for Worse  

Every day is special if you make it special, but birthdays are the most special when they are celebrated with the ones you love. 

Wiggle woke to the sound of four sheepies on the outside and two terriers on the inside singing "HAPPY BIRTHDAY".

"Someone is missing," said Patrick counting. "Mr.Remington, we need to bring out Mr.Remington!"

"And party hats," said Cricket.

"And the present," said Molly Malone.

Henry helped Mr. Remington out.  Cricket got the hats.  Molly Malone brought the present.  Everyone did something except Patrick.  He sat in the snow and didn't move.
"Did she open the present yet?" asked HT.

"We're waiting for the hats," said Scruffy.

"It's too cold for me out in the snow," said HT.

"It's practically over our heads!" said Scruffy.

"You old gals stay inside with me," laughed Wiggle,
"this is so much fun!"

"Did you guess what we got you?" asked HT.

"I haven't the foglightest idea!" laughed Wiggle.

"I can't get my hat to stay on," said Molly Malone.

"Quit yapping and it will stay on," quipped Patrick.

"Why are you in such a bad mood?" Henry asked Patrick.

"I think my butt is frozen in the snow."

Molly laughed and straightened her hat. "Ha ha," she said, sticking out her tongue at Patrick.
"C'mon you guys, cut it out. It's time for Wiggle to open her gift!" said Cricket.

"This is so special!" said Wiggle.  "Do you think you could help me open it Henry?"

"It would be an honor!" smiled Henry.

"Who's gonna help me get my butt unstuck?" asked Patrick.