For Better or for Worse  

Wiggle could not believe her headlights when she saw what her birthday gift was.

"Hub caps! My very own hub caps!  And they are decorated with little paw prints!  Where did you ever find these?"

"Wait until everyone sees you!" said Scruffy.  "You will be the most beautiful bus in the world!"

"I'll be all dressed up for your wedding Cricket," smiled Wiggle.

"Everyone jump aboard!" said Molly Malone."We are going to get your hubcaps put on at the bus yard!" 

"And get you a fill-up and some oil!" said HT.

"Yeah, that's birthday cake to a bus!" laughed Henry as he helped Patrick get his butt out of the snow.

"Look!" said Cricket, "there is a card here that is not from us!"

"Another surprise!" said Wiggle with happiness.  "Someone read it!"

Mr. Remington read the letter out loud while they drove over to the bus yard.

"It looks like an old friend has written to you Wiggle," said Mr. Remington.

"What a wonderful birthday!" said Wiggle.  "Balloons, hubcaps, a letter from Bill Furless!  But the best gift of all is being with you!"

Wiggle was not embarassed this time when she pulled in to the bus yard.  All the other busses were covered in snow and ice and were in a deep and frozen sleep.

"Too bad they can't see you get your new wheels," said Cricket.

Wiggle was distracted by the puddle in front of her.  For the first time ever, she thought she really wasn't short, fat and ugly.

Deep down inside, she knew it wasn't because she had new hubcaps.  

Wiggle was smiling because she knew that she was truly loved.  "That," she thought to herself, "proves I am beautiful!"

Before they knew it, Wiggle's new hubcaps were on.

Henry stretched his head out the window to see them.

"You look better than ever, my dear friend," he said.

"Thank you!" said Wiggle.  "These hubcaps fit pawfectly, and this is the best birthday I have ever had!"

Cricket and Molly Malone giggled.  Cricket whispered in her sister's ear, "We did it!  We got her what she really wanted!"