For Better or for Worse  

It wasn't long after Wiggle's birthday that the first signs of spring were in the air.  Cricket was so excited that it was almost time for the wedding!

Patrick was excited too, but there was something he really wanted to tell Cricket first.  He brought her to the special garden that he and Henry and the terriers had made to honor Guinness.  He waited until the day the Gumdrop tree was in full bloom, which of course, was the anniversary of when Guinness crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

“When I come to this garden, I feel like Guinness is close to me somehow,” Patrick told his fiancée. 

“It is beautiful here,” Cricket said with a sigh. She could tell  that it was still very painful for Patrick to talk about losing Guinness.

"This is the most beautiful place on earth," agreed Patrick. "When I come here,  I feel like she is up there somewhere, helping us.  I think she is the one that sent the rescue dust for you and Molly Malone.  I feel like she sent you to me, special delivery to have and to hold."

Cricket listened while Patrick shared his memories of the only mother he ever knew. 

“I was taken away from my own mother so fast to be sold, that I never knew her.  Guinness was like a mother to me though, and I still miss her so much.” 


Patrick kept thinking about the Gumdrop Tree.  It had grown so much over the winter.  The blossoms were bigger than the day they picked it out at the Tree Store last year, and Patrick was certain it was more beautiful too. 

He whispered in his heart, “Guinness, if you can hear me, I'd like you to meet Cricket.  We are going to be married soon.  I feel like she was sent by heaven, and so it must have been you.  If it was you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. PS., I love you and I miss you.” 

Patrick knew the lump in his throat would turn to tears at any second.  “It's so hard to lose someone you love,” he told Cricket.  "But I'm so glad I have you!"

“I wish I could have known her,” she said in reply.  “She must have been very special."

A gentle breeze danced through the garden, enough to play the chimes Henry hung one year ago.  “I'm sure she likes you,” smiled Patrick brightly.  “We have her blessing to be married!”