For Better or for Worse  

“The church will be so beautiful when we get married!” said Cricket.  "There will be flowers everywhere!"

“I thought we were going to get married OUTSIDE,” said Patrick.  “Why bring flowers in doors when you can just get married outside in the first place?”

Cricket was pawplexed.  Patrick is ALWAYS looking for ways to save money, she thought.  Does he have to be a cheap skate on the most special day of our life?

“Women!” thought Patrick.  “They don't make any sense at all.  Why would you drag a bunch of flowers you BUY from a store into a church, when you could just get married outside by the flowers for FREE?”

The couple tried to be careful about each other's feelings, but it was clear to both of them, that they were about to have their first argument.   “What is the big deal about getting married in a church?” asked Patrick, trying to sound open-minded, but he knew he hadn't been too convincing.  Besides, Patrick knew he was right.  It simply didn't make sense to pay to bring flowers inside, when you get could married outside for free.

Cricket looked sad.  Patrick didn't know if it was because they were having a disagreement, or because she had her heart set on being married in a church.

“What difference does it make?” Patrick asked her.  “We're still going to be married when it's done.”  That hadn't come out right either. 

“I always wanted to get married in front of a beautiful stained glass window,” said Cricket.  “It's just the way I've always imagined it. If you can't have your one special day just right..." her voice trailed off and she got very quiet because she didnt' know what else to say.