We'll Always Make It  


"Open my gift next!" said Colonel Kramer.  He was so excited to see the look on their faces when they opened his gift.  The Colonel had gone all the way to North Carolina to have it made for the Bride and Groom to be.
Cricket could hardly wait to see what Kramer went on such a long journey to get for them.  She could feel her heart pounding as she tried to see into the bag.

"Be careful," warned the Colonel, "it is very fragile."


Colonel Kramer helped Cricket and Patrick open the gift.  He carefully lifted it out of the bag.

Cricket could recognize that it was stained glass, but she could not see what the picture was.

"Hold it up to the window," said the Colonel.  "You need the light to shine through."

"Hurry, hold it up!  Let me see!" said Cricket.

Everyone oohed and ahhhed at the beautiful stained glass window.  "Look, it's Wigglebus!  And Angel Guinness, and Henry, and Molly and There we are!  We are IN the window.  A stained glass window!" said Cricket who could not believe her eyes.

"Look real close," said Colonel Kramer.  "There is a secret message engraved into the glass."

Sure enough, so tiny you might never see it, a message was engraved in the glass.

"Read it out loud!" everyone demanded.

"It says, We'll always make it over the next hill." said the Colonel. "That is how your marriage will succeed.  You will have your ups and downs, but love with always find a way!"

"So that's what pawblem solving skills look like," said Patrick. "Be creative, and keep working until you find a solution."

"That's right!" said the Colonel, filled with satisfaction that Patrick was listening to his wisdom."

"Find a solution to what?" asked Cricket.  "What was the problem?"


"Not really a problem, Cricks," Patrick smiled.  "It was a challenge. The challenge was 'how can we get married OUTSIDE like I dreamed of, in front of a stained glass window like you dreamed of! Maybe now we could get married by the GumDrop Tree?"

"You remembered!" Cricket smiled.  "This is BETTER than I ever dreamed of. The GumDrop Tree is the perfect place to have our wedding. We are so lucky!"

"We'll always make it over the next hill," smiled Patrick, with a huge nod of appreciation to the Colonel.