Cookie Saves The Day  


Cookie was a loved and happy cocker spaniel who lived in the neighborhood. She faithfully walked her upright several times a day, stopped to sniff all the important things on her walk, and noticed everything as she trotted on her route.

As she sniffed the cold spring air, Cookie noticed right away that she could smell something else...smoke!

She barked to her upright, "Call 911".  Cookie ran to the house and banged on the door as hard as she could.  No answer.  No one could hear the frantic knocks over the noise they were making at the Jack and Jill party for Patrick and Cricket.

In less than a minute, Cookie heard the sound of approaching sirens.  "Hurry," she thought.  "I am sure there are dogs inside. Why don't they answer the door?"

"That smoke should not be that color," worried Cookie.  "Something is wrong." she thought as she continued to bang on the door.

The fire engine pulled up next to Wiggle and  Dalmation Station got into position to battle whatever disaster they would find.  "Hurry, hurry!" said Cookie, "there are dogs in there!"

"We're going in!" called out Chief JB.

Chief JB Dalmation wasted no time knocking on the door.  He was ready to kick it in, but a quick turn of the knob revealed that it wasn't even locked.

Dalmation Station burst into the house. Each fire dog knew a different direction to take to find the fire.  Chief JB burst into the party.  "Is there any one in the house? Leave at once, there is a fire!"

"Everyone is in here Chief," called out Kramer.

"Go to your Emergency Meeting Place," said the Chief.  "Don't stop for anything."

"Yes Sir!" said the Colonel.

"All my beautiful gifts!" cried Cricket.  "My stained glass window! Take all the presents too!"

"Sinkables and Inflammables girl!" said Kramer in a stern voice.  "All that can be replaced.  Get out now!  Where is your emergency meeting place?"

"We all are supposed to meet at Wigglebus in an emergency," she said right away.

"Good girl," said Kramer.  "Go there right now.  Everything will be ok."