'Til Death Do Us Part  

Cricket wasted no time dropping her token into the machine. 

It buzzed and it whirled while she followed the instructions, just like Patrick had done. 

When she was finished, her heart answered Patrick's:

"I will love you even longer," she smiled.


"What is longer than your whole life?" asked Patrick.

"I will love you my whole life," said Cricket, "'til death do us part.  And I'll love you even after that!"

"Even after that?" repeated Patrick in a question.

"I'll love you furever and ever," said Cricket. 

The cashier came over and congratulated the couple. 

"When are you getting married?" she asked.

"Very soon!" said Cricket, hardly able to contain her excitement.

"Well no wedding is complete without your gold tag rings," she the cashier, handing them the fasteners for their wedding tags.

"Oh, said Cricket, "they are beautiful.  We will exchange these on our wedding day!"

As the happy couple stepped outside the pet store with their newly minted wedding tags, they noticed the air had a fresh clean smell.

"It must have rained while we were in there," said Patrick, splashing in some newly formed puddles along the way.

"Look up there!" exclaimed Cricket.  "A rainbow!"

"That's not just a rainbow," smiled Patrick.  "That's someone crossing the bridge.  Someone must have earned their wings today... I wonder who?"

"How do you know so much about rainbows, Patrick?" asked Cricket.

"Remember," he told her, "I have friends over that rainbow bridge.  Every time someone crosses it to earn their wings, the others  there send us extra love."