A Case of Cold Paws  

The next day, Patrick held his engraved heart in his paws and listenned to the clinking of the metal tag with the gold fastener.  On the one paw, he knew he was so in love with Cricket.  On the other paw, something did not feel quite right. 

In fact, something felt so not quite right, that Patrick began to feel sick.  He didn't want to worry Cricket or the others, so he left work on his lunch hour to see his doctor.

While Patrick was waiting to be seen, a familiar voice called his name.  It was not the doctor.  Patrick looked up and saw Colonel Kramer coming in to the waiting room.

"Are you sick too, Colonel?" he asked.

"I'm sorry to hear you aren't feeling well," said Colonel Kramer, "The doctor and I are going to have a few pints.  If we're still here when you are finished, why don't you join us?"


Patrick went into the examining room when his name was called.  "How can Kramer think about pints at a time like this?" he thought. 

"What brings you to our office today, Mr. O'Malley?" said the veterinarian.

"I'm feeling queasy and shaky all over," said Patrick in reply.

The doctor listenned to Patrick's heart.   She took his pulse and his temperature.

"Everything appears normal," she told Patrick in a reassuring voice.  "Are you under any major stress?  Are there any changes happening in your life?"

"Well," said Patrick thoughtfully, "I am getting married soon."

"Oh, I see," said the doctor.  "Let me check one more thing."

Patrick's doctor checked his paws.   She snipped some hair between the pads of his feet.  She repeated this pawcedure on each leg.

"So is this the biggest decision you have ever made in your whole life?" she asked him.

"It sure is," said Patrick, grateful that someone understood the pressure he felt under.

"Well, I think we have found your pawblem," said the doctor.  "It's pawfectly normal and you are going to need the support of your friends."

"Your diagnosis," declared the doctor with certainty, 
"is a case of cold paws!"