A Gift From The Heart  

Another vet came out to the waiting room and saluted Colonel Kramer.
"Here for your pint?" smiled the doctor.

Colonel Kramer let out a belly laugh.  "I've donated over a gallon so far," he said proudly.

"Do you have any idea how many dogs you've helped with your generosity?" asked the doctor.

"All in the line of duty," said the Colonel. 

"Well, if we have any emergencies, or dogs in surgery, this could save their lives." said the doctor as he took Col.Kramer's pulse.

Colonel Kramer laid on the table while the doctor looked for the best spot for him to donate blood. 

"This is easy," said the Colonel.  "It doesn't hurt a bit and they give you cookies afterward."

"So is that your friend in the other office," asked the doctor.  "Patrick O'Malley?"

"Sinkables and Dirigibles!" declared the colonel.(That was his favorite expression). "We've been friends for years!"

"He's pretty nervous today," said the doctor.

"That's because he is worried about keeping his bride happy all the time," said Colonel Kramer.

"Is she nice?" asked the doctor.

Before Colonel Kramer had a chance to answer, Patrick appeared and answered it for him.

"She is the most special girl in the world!" declared Patrick O'Malley.

"Then congratulations!" said the doctor.

Patrick stared at Colonel Kramer giving blood.  "Is this the kind of pint you are having with the doctor?" he laughed.

"The kind of pint that will keep you youngun's safe if we ever have a crisis," said the Colonel.  "Always be prepawed!"


"It's a very special gift," the doctor told Patrick.  "A gift straight from the heart."