"She has two batteries?" asked Patrick.  "That's going to cost twice as much!"  (The dogs didn't mind discussing money while Wiggle was there since she was in a deep sleep while her batteries were disconnected).

HT estimated that they would have about 100. left after Wiggle's batteries were paid for.

"We have to take care of Wiggle, we just HAVE to," said Molly Malone.

"There are sparks coming out of  Wiggle.  Is she going to catch on fire?" asked Cricket, looking out the window. "Is Mr. Everod going to catch on fire?"

"That is a grinder," said Henry.  "They use it to get the rusty bolts off so they can take her old battery out."


"What if Wiggle DID catch on fire?" asked Cricket, still worried.

"First of all, Mr. Everod is specially trained to use that equipment.  You should never go near equipment, matches or even a stove if you are not trained how to use it,"  said Henry.  "But if there was a fire, you would find the nearest safe exit.  Do not run, do not panic.  WALK!"

"What if WE catch on fire?" asked Cricket.

"If you ever catch on fire," said Henry.  "Don't PANIC.  Stop!  Drop!  Roll!  Stopping will keep the fire from getting bigger, dropping will keep the flames from rising to your head, and rolling will put it out.  And of course, as soon as you can, dial 911."

"Why not just RUN?" asked Molly Malone.

"Running will give the fire more oxygen to get bigger.  Just STOP, DROP and ROLL"

Mr. Everod worked for a very long time to remove Wiggle's old rusty batteries.  The power tools made very loud noises, but the dogs decided they would be brave for Wiggle's sake, and stay with her through her whole ordeal.

Finally, they heard a loud thud.  Wiggle's old batteries were out!

"What do they do with her old parts?" asked HT.

"They get stacked up in that old battery graveyard," said Henry. "Then, they are disposed of properly."

"What's the big deal about throwing out dead batteries?" asked Patrick.

"They are still a fire hazard," said Henry.  "So they will be taken away to a place that is safe to dispose of them."

After all the hard work of taking out the rusty batteries, Mr. Everod carefully placed two brand new batteries inside the Wigglebus, one under the hood, and the other, under the driver's door.

"Ready everyone?" he asked.

"Ready!" they said with excitement.

"It's time to wake up your old friend Wiggle!"