When Wiggle first opened her eyes, everything was a blur.  She had been in a deep sleep. 
As Mr. Everod attached her cables, she felt more and more alert. 

"Wake up Wiggle, it's us!  We are all waiting for you!  Start your engine!  Let's see how young you feel now!" said Cricket and Molly Malone. 

As Wiggle tried to focus her eyes, she caught a glimpse of her reflection in a puddle on the garage floor.

"Oh dear," whispered Wiggle.  "I AM short, fat and rusty. Those big busses were right.  I am falling apart."

Henry heard what Wiggle said.  "You have to look FORWARD to who you can be, not backwards to who you were... Wait and see, it's a whole new beginning," he whispered.

"C'mon Wiggle, wake up!  Start up your engine!" said the sheepies.  "Let's see how strong you are!"  

Everyone felt proud of the gift they were giving Wiggle. Patrick felt the most proud since his job was the one that made real money.
"Please wake up Wiggle!" said the terriers.  "We want to see how your new batteries work."
Wiggle started her engine with no trouble at all.  The very first time she tried, she started right up.   

"I haven't felt like this since I was a new bus!" she beamed with pride.

"Where would you like to go next?" she asked, full of self confidence.

"Let's go to the store to get some material to make Cricket's wedding dress!" said Molly Malone.

"Can we, can we PLEASE?" begged Cricket with excitement.

"Not me, no way," said Patrick.  "That's girl stuff.  Drop me off at work please!"

"It's time for us to go home to take our naps," said the old terriers.

"I'll hang out with you Wiggle," said Henry, "but first we need to pay Mr. Everod for all the work he did."