The FBI arrived minutes after Henry called for help. 

"You don't want to touch a crime scene," said Furlock Bones Investigator.  "You'd be tampawring with evidence."

"I'm glad I called you then," said Henry. "All of us are sniffing trouble in the air."

"I know this is upsetting," said Furlock, "but the best thing you can do is to get Wiggle a battery somewhere.  Let us pawfessionals investigate this crime.  Take Wiggle and the kids and try to keep their mind off it," advised Furlock.

"Will do," said Henry.  "Thanks again for coming over."

Furlock told Henry that he'd be in touch as soon as he had news.

He made note of every single detail in the torn up garage. When he saw all the broken glass he was glad he had worn his neoprene safety boots.

As Henry headed back to the bus, he knew that his friend was right.  Still, it was going to be hard to keep their minds off the shock of Bill's disappearance.

Cricket and Molly Malone had never met Bill Furless, but Patrick remembered the day that Bill saved Wiggle's life.

Bill had agreed to take a broken down bus that he'd never met before and help her out.  He even gave her REVERSE so she could back up like other buses and cars.

When the mean kids smashed up her grille, it was Bill who found her a new one, and made her smile again.

That was almost a year ago.   Guinness was still here.  Patrick remembered the giant cakes she made.  One for Bill and one for them.

Bill Furless never laughed at any vehicle that was old and rickety.  He never poked fun at pawsons who drove old cars either.

"It's seems like yesterday," thought Patrick, staring out the window and wondering where Bill Furless had gone.  He was always there when anyone needed him.  Patrick knew that Bill Furless would not have disappeared if he had a choice.  Someone must have taken him.

"C'mon everyone." said Henry.  "Furlock Bones will handle the investigation.  We still need to find a place to get Wiggle the new battery we promised her."