"We will never get help for Wiggle if Bill Furless has been stolen,"  said Molly Malone.

"There's a school bus yard across town," said Henry.  "They must know who can fix a bus."

"What a wonderful idea!" said Wiggle.  "I have really missed the parking lot chatter of the bus yards.  I would love to go and see who fixes them."

"Do you get lonely without other busses to talk to?" asked Cricket, who always felt bad that Wiggle was alone in the parking lot at night.

"Well," answered Wiggle, "the truth is that it's always nice to have a friend who knows exactly what you are going through.  I love you all very much, but how could you know what it feels like when your carburetor is clogged?"


Everyone giggled.  "Dogs with carburetors?" 

"What's a carburetor?" asked Scruffy.

"Never mind," said Patrick.  "You wouldn't understand."

"You don't know what it means either," said Scruffy.

"Go look it up in the dictionary," frowned Patrick.

"A carburetor is used in a combustion engine to produce an explosive mixture of vapor and air," said Mr. Remington.
Cricket laughed out loud.  "Patrick NEVER has trouble with his explosive mixtures of vapor and air!" 

"PeeeeYew," laughed Molly. 

"It's not my fault," said Patrick blushing.  "It was the beans."

Wiggle pulled into a parking lot next to the town school bus fleet. 

"Hi, I'm WiggleBus," she said to the others.  "I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get a new battery."

"What kind of a name is that?" sneered the big yellow bus.  "From the looks of you, a battery isn't the only thing you'll be needing."

"Hey everyone," said the big yellow bus, "Short, Fat and Rusty here wants to know where she can get a battery."

"Maybe she can get one out of a flash light," snickered the others.
"We are REAL busses," chortled the others.  "No short busses allowed.  Tell Miss One-Ton to beat it."

"Look sis," said the big bus, "why don't you check back next week.  "We don't need any short busses.  Old Duct Tape here on the end is going to get chopped up for parts.  Maybe you can have his battery."

Wiggle winced when she heard that.  The little bus was the exact same year as she was.  She knew how close she had come to the chop shop. 

Calling a bus "Duct Tape" after a life time of service was so disrespectful.  The truth was, his School Bus name had been crossed out with duct tape.  A sure sign he was at the end.

"C'mon, Wiggle," said Henry, "let's get out here."