Double Trouble  

"Those busses sure are mean," said Cricket, as they drove across town trying to think of a place to get Wiggle's battery replaced.

"They are not all that way," said Wiggle, "but most of us are afraid to get old because of how fast we are disposed of.  It makes some of the busses mean."

"I'm glad you were not disposed of," said Molly Malone.

"Look over there!" said Patrick.  "Batteries.  Wiggle, pull in to that garage!"

Henry went up to the counter to see if anyone could help Wiggle.

"Let's take a look at your friend," said a man in a uniform named Everod.  "Pop her hood and I'll hook her up to our tester."

Henry kept Wiggle company while they waited for Everod to test her battery.  

"You're going to feel fantastic!" he told her.

"I'm so lucky to have someone watching out for me," agreed Wiggle.  "But I am worried about Bill Furless, and I keep thinking of the short bus in the bus yard...He looked so frightened.  I remember what that felt like..."  

Wiggle started to ask Henry a question.  She hesitated but then continued.  "You know the things those busses called me?" she asked him.  "Do you think of me as a short, fat, rusty one-ton?"

Henry was sad that the mean busses teased his friend.  "I think of you as the most beautiful bus in the world Wiggle," he told her, "and I think of you as the best friend in the world."

Everod was very gentle with Henry's best friend.  "This won't hurt a bit," he said.
"This battery is gone," said Everod.  "I need to check your second battery too."

"Wiggle has two batteries?" said Henry with surprise.  "Looks like you have double trouble," he laughed.
"I'm going to need to disconnect them both to replace them," said Everod.  "Wiggle will fall asleep when I do that.  She won't feel a thing, which is good because she has a lot of rust under here."

"Are you ready Wiggle?" Henry asked gently.  "Take a little nap and when you wake up you will feel as good as new.  We will all be with you the whole time."

"Ready," smiled Wiggle.  

"Thanks everyone" is the last thing she said before she fell asleep.