Across town, Cricket and Molly Malone had finished their shopping and were waiting patiently for Wiggle to come pick them up.

"Don't you think Patrick will be upset when he sees all these bags?" Molly Malone asked her sister.

"I don't see why," said Cricket.  "We got everything for half price!"

"Let's take the bags out of the cart so it doesn't look as bad," suggested Molly Malone.


So the girls split the bags up into two piles on the ground and waited for the Wigglebus to come.

"That looks better," admitted Cricket.  "I cannot wait to start making our wedding clothes!"

"White for the Bride," giggled Molly Malone, "and blue for the Maid Of Honor."

"And yellow and pink for the Bridesmaids," said Cricket excitedly.  "And we can make matching parasols!"


Wiggle was a few minutes later than they expected because she picked Patrick up from work first.

Patrick had been in a wonderful mood because it was his favorite day of the week, PAYDAY!

His good mood was short lived when he saw all the packages the girls had bought.

"Easy come, easy go," he groaned.

"Cricket heard him and wondered how Molly Malone knew he would complain."

"It's all half price, Patrick!"  said Cricket, "and we are making everything ourselves to save money!"

"Why can't you just rent stuff like the guys do?" groaned Patrick.

"Guys are no fun," laughed Molly Malone.

"Oh my gosh, I almost forgot.  What are YOU going to wear to our wedding, Wiggle?" asked Cricket, suddenly worried.

As Cricket and Molly Malone were loading their bags into the bus, Wiggle couldn't help but notice her reflection in the puddle.

"Oh dear, I DO look dreadful without hubcaps," she thought.

"You don't want an old rusty bus like me at your wedding," said Wiggle sadly.  "I don't even have hubcaps to wear."

"Wiggle, you have to stop looking in puddles!" said Henry.  "You have PAWS to reflect how beautiful you are."

"That's right," said Cricket.  "We love you just the way you are!"