One Good Turn  

"Wiggle, you have to stop listening to those mean busses," said Molly Malone.  "They are just trying to make you feel bad."
"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Cricket whispered to her sister.

"Wiggle's birthday is coming up soon.  I know what we can get her!"

The girls whispered and giggled as they plotted their surprise gift for Wiggle.

The girls weren't the only ones plotting and planning.  At the front of the bus, Henry quietly told Patrick what he learned at the bus yard.

"It's not a good time to ask Mother Upright if we can be late on our payment," said Henry.  "I saw her car go by on a tow truck this afternoon.  She's going to need the money."

"Judging from the look of all the shopping the girls have done, I don't think there will be much left from my paycheck," thought Patrick.

"There must be a way..." pawndered Henry.

When they got home, Henry and Patrick helped the girls bring in their packages. 

Henry waited patiently outside Mother Upright's office while she finished her phone call.

"Oh dear," he heard the Mother Upright say, "two weeks before my car will be ready?" 

Henry waited until she was off the phone.  She had a pawplexed look.

"Is everything all right?" he asked her.

"Of course, dear Henry," said the Mother Upright as she patted him.  "But my car needs work on the engine.  It will cost a fortune to rent a car too."

"Why don't you just take the WiggleBus?" offered Henry.  "She won't mind a bit, as long as you don't mind driving around in a bus with paw prints all over it!"  he laughed.  The thought of uprights driving a bus sounded funny to him.

"That would be a wonderful help Henry," said Mother Upright.  "Thank you!  I'll take good care of her."

Mother Upright turned to leave the room, but she stopped and came back in.  "Henry, I know you will have paid off Wiggle's loan by her first birthday next month, but you have saved me so much money today, that I think we should call it even."


"Even?" asked Henry with a puzzled look.

"Paid off," said Mother Upright. 

"But we haven't paid you for this month yet," said Henry.  "Never even mind next month."

"That's right, Henry," said Mother Upright.  "Never mind ever again.  It was a wonderful idea to buy your bus, and now it is even helping ME out. One good turn deserves another. You have pawficially paid off your loan to me!"

Henry couldn't begin to tell Mother Upright all that he was feeling.  He was so excited their loan was paid off.  He was even more excited that she thought the WiggleBus was a great idea.  But the most excitement he felt, came with a nervous feeling as well. 

Henry just looked at her with adoring eyes and wagged his tail as hard as he could.

"What a good dog you are!" said Mother Upright. "You are the best dog in the world!"