Cricket and Molly Malone emptied their bags on the dining room table and dragged the old antique sewing machine out of the closet.

"How many more days 'til Wiggle's birthday?" asked Cricket. 

"It's next week," said Patrick.  "Her birthday is March 8, because that's when we got her from the auction."


"IS it ready?" asked Cricket?  "Can I start to sew now?"

"All set!  You are all plugged in," said Patrick.

"This is sew exciting!" laughed Cricket.

"That old thing really works!" said Molly Malone, who was impressed.

"It's from 1939," said Cricket.  "It's an antique!"

"But it's not as old as Mr. Remington," said Molly.  "This sewing machine uses electricity!"

"Can you imagine living before electricity?" thought Cricket.  "No tv, no microwave, no air conditioners!"


"Let's see what we should sew first," said Molly, rummaging through the material.
"How about my veil?" she laughed.  "Don't I look gorgeous!"

"Dahling, you look pawsitively stunning!" laughed Cricket. 

"But how are we going to get Wiggle to feel gorgeous for your wedding?" asked Molly thoughtfully.


"We need to find her some hub caps," said Cricket.  "Not just any old hubcaps, something PAWFECT! We'll give them to her for her birthday!"

"That's a great idea," said Molly.  "We will find her some very special ones!"