Exactly at 8 pm, exactly as Wiggle promised, they pulled up to the meeting place in Boston where the new adoptive families were waiting for their puppies.

Everyone was fast asleep in the bus, except for Mr. Remington, Henry, and of course, Wiggle.

Wiggle flashed her lights to greet the new families.  They flashed back at her with their cameras and smiling faces.

Wiggle sounded her musical horn to wake up all her pawsengers.

"Last Stop, Furever Homes!" she called.

"Are we here?" yawned Gracie, waking up and realizing what this meant!    "Is my new mom here? Did she come?  Did she really come?"

Gracie was almost too scared to look out the window.

"Look Gracie," said Wiggle.  "She is really here!  She looks so happy that you are home!"

Gracie ran out to meet her new mom.  She didn't even notice how cold it was outside.  She could hardly believe she was finally home.

"I love you!" said her new mom.

"I love you too!" Gracie spelled out with her wagging tail.

"Did anyone come for me?" asked Heidi.

"Look!" she cried!  "It's my new dad!" 

Heidi's new family kept giving her hugs and kisses.   "I think Boston must be heaven!" sighed Heidi.

Poor Chester wouldn't even look out the window.  He was so scared that no one would be there for him.

"Look," said Henry.  "That nice family sure looks like they need a puppy to love.

A wonderful lady upright came right into the bus and scooped up Baby Chester, blanket and all.

"Welcome to our family Little Chester," said the uprights.  "We sure need you to be our dog, if you'll have us of course."

Chester snuggled in to his new upright's arms.

"Heidi is right," thought Chester.  "Boston is just like heaven!"

The families thanked everyone and left quickly to bring their new puppies home, out of the winter cold.

But in all the excitement, poor Wiggle forgot that her flashing lights were still on...