The Rescuers Need To Be Rescued  

The birthday girls hopped back in the bus, so happy that they barely noticed how cold it was getting. 

Henry noticed that Wiggle's lights were beginning to dim.

"Are you ok Wiggle?" he asked gently.

But there was no answer.  Only the faint sound of her battery trying to turn over. 

In all the excitement, Wiggle forgot to stop blinking her lights, which let the bitter cold drain the last bit of power from her.

Suddenly they all realized the truth.   They were stranded.

Someone needed to rescue the rescuers.

"It's dark in here," whispered Molly Malone.  "I'm afraid of the dark."

"It's cold in here," said Cricket, "I can see my breath."

"Don't be scared," said Patrick.  "You're two years old now!  You don't need to be afraid."

"This is an emergency, isn't it?" asked Scruffy.

"C'mon everyone," said Henry.  "This is no time to lose our heads.  Wiggle needs us, and we need each other,  especially to stay warm."


"Aren't we at the MerryPaw Hotel?" asked Mr. Remington.  "Someone is always at work inside a hotel.  Perhaps you could ask them to send help."

"That's a great idea," said Henry.  All of you stay here together.  I'll go for help."