A month later, HT announced there was enough money to go see Bill Furless. Everyone piled in to the bus anxious to see if Bill Furless could fix Wiggle's old battery. 

The snow was beginning to melt, and Wiggle was relieved that the long New England winter would be over soon. It had been especially hard for her to start in the cold this year.

"You all seem happy today," smiled Wiggle, as she struggled to get her engine to start.


Wiggle coughed and chortled, and blue smoke puffed out of her muffler.  Her glow plugs eventually warmed up and she was ready for an adventure.

"I still have got it in me," she laughed. "Where would you like to go today?"

"Wiggle, we have a surprise for you.  Will you take us to see Bill Furless?  We are getting you a brand new battery!"

"Oh my!" smiled Wiggle.  She hated it when her repairs were so expensive, but she knew in her heart that her pawsengers were right.  A new battery surely would feel good.  "Thank you so much!" she said gratefully, as she drove to Bill's  garage.

When they got to their destination, something looked very, very wrong.

"What is it?" asked Henry, sensing Wiggle's shock.

Wiggle flashed her headlights on into the garage.  

"It's empty," she said.

"You mean he's closed?" asked Cricket.

"I mean he's gone!" cried Wiggle.  "Bill Furless is gone!"

"Let's get out and sniff around!" gasped Molly Malone.

"No," said Henry.  "It's too dangerous.  Look at all the broken glass."

 "It's a crime scene." said Patrick.  "Someone has stolen Bill Furless.

"Who will help Wiggle now?" asked Scruffy.

"Who will rescue Bill?" wondered Wiggle.