The girls worked hard on every detail of their dresses.  The more things came together, the more excited Cricket was about her wedding. 

"It seems like we've been waiting furever!" she sighed.  "I hope Patrick thinks I look beautiful."

Molly Malone reassured her sister that everything would be pawfect on her special day! 

"We will ALL look our best that day!" She said to encourage Cricket, (and also because she was so excited about her own dress and veil).

"Wiggle is not feeling very pretty though," said Cricket. "I just KNOW if we could find some hub caps for her birthday that she would feel all dressed up too."

"We don't have much time to find them before her birthday," said Molly.

At that instant, the girls heard something crash on the floor.

"Did someone say hub caps?" laughed Henry as he emptied out  a bag of hub caps and lug nuts onto the brick floor.

"Are these for real?" asked Cricket!  "PAWSOME!  Where did you ever find them?"

Henry felt a pang of sadness as he thought about the Chop Shop.  "Let's just say they are recycled" said Henry.  "I bought them from someone who doesn't need them anymore."

"We will need to have them decorated," said Molly Malone, getting right down to business.  "They can't be all black for the wedding."

"I got everything!" said Henry.  "Lug nuts, covers, and adapters to make sure they fit her.  She's going to be so happy!"


"How old is Wiggle going to be?" asked Molly Malone.

Henry added some numbers in his head.  "Sweet sixteen," he announced.

"How much is that in dog years?" asked Cricket.

Henry thought more about it. This was a much harder number to add. Finally he came up with the answer.  "That would make her 112 years old in dog years," he said.

"It sounds like Wiggle is an "antique" doesn't it?" asked Molly Malone.

"It sure is time she had some hub caps," said Cricket.  "We can take them to the auto paint place to get them customized!"

"Wiggle will be all dressed up for your wedding too!" said Molly Malone.

"I guess the wedding doesn't seem so far off, when I think how long Wiggle has had to wait to have some hubcaps!" laughed Cricket.

"She's the one who has REALLY waited furever!" agreed Molly Malone.