Out WIth The Old!  

The investigation into the disappearance of Bill Furless had not yielded any clues.  Furlock Bones Investigator had questioned the town people, and everyone seemed as shocked as Henry and Wiggle that Bill was missing. 

While Furlock was conducting his official business, many cars drove up, hoping for an appointment with Bill.  Obviously none of them knew he was leaving either.

"From the looks of this place," thought Furlock, "he must have left in a hurry."

Furlock combed every inch of the wreckage that was once a hospital for all the sick cars in Bill's care.  On his fourth trip through the rubble, Furlock paid closer attention to a paper that was tacked to paneling torn off the walls.

As he got closer to the paper, he realized he had his first clue:

Furlock read the notice in horror.  "How could ANYONE evict Bill Furless? He has worked here with his whole family all his life?"

The pieces started to fall in place for Furlock.  "So what if his building was old?  Bill helped everyone who needed him, no matter what. Bill wasn't stolen, he was FORCED out!  By the looks of things, they didn't even give him a new place to go."

"This really IS a crime scene," thought Furlock, "but the crime was perfectly legal.  It was still the wrong thing to do.  Wiggle will be so upset." 
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