A Crushing Blow  

Furlock Bones was finishing his site investigation when he heard a terrible noise. 

"Sounds like the place is going to come crashing down," he thought. 

As he poked his head outside of (what was once apawn a time) Bill's garage, he knew in an instant: The place WAS crashing down!

Furlock Bones began to bark as loudly as he could.  The digger and the dump truck turned off their hungry, noisy engines so Furlock could speak to them.

"Furlock Bones Investigator here, on pawficial business."

"We ain't done nutin' wrong," said the dumptruck.

"This is our job," said the digger. 

"I see that," said Furlock, "but I'm investigating a missing pawson.  Upright, two legs, goes by the name of Furless, Bill Furless.  Have you seen him?"

"Sorry pal, nevah hoid of 'im."

"Who do you work for sirs?" asked Furlock.

"We are tearin' dis place down for sometin' bettah," said the dumptruck. 

"A new PawBucks is coming, shiny and new.  Dis rubble heap is gonna be taken outta here one truck load at a time."


Furlock watched Digger and the Dumptruck  chomp away at Bill's garage. 

"New stores are nice," he thought.  "But how will people get to them when their cars break down and there is no one here to help?  Why didn't they help Bill to find a new place to set up shop before they forced him out?"

Furlock thought and thought.  "This is a crushing blow to my investigation because they are destroying my evidence. Pawsons don't disappear without a trace. Something will turn up."