"If we are getting the most valuable gift in the world, we better get dressed up fancy!" said Molly Malone, full of high expectations.
"Not me, no way," said Patrick.  "I hate all that fussy stuff!"
"You're going to get dressed up for our wedding, aren't you?" asked Cricket.

Patrick smiled.  "If it guarantees you will really marry me," he laughed.

"Ok then," said Cricket, satisfied with his answer.  "You're pretty good looking to me just the way your are!"

"Last one in is a rotten egg," yelled Molly Malone.

"First one gets to eat it," called Cricket.

"Rotten eggs, YUM!" said Patrick.  "I'm first!  I'm going to win!"
"It's just an expression!" yelled Cricket, but the girls raced inside too. They hated to lose races.
"Looks like time is of the essence," laughed Henry, as he ran to catch up with the others.