The girls went into the pawder room to freshen up and to put on their "fancy clothes" for their birthday adventure.

"What do you think is the most valuable thing?" Molly Malone asked Cricket as she took their feather boas down from a hook.


"The harder something is to replace, the more valuable it must be.  If you can run to the store and get another one, it's not as valuable as something you can never get again." said Cricket, washing her snout and paws.

Molly Malone thought about what Cricket was saying as she got a nice cold drink from the Porcelain Spring.

"But Wiggle doesn't have any money," said Molly Malone.  "We all have to pitch in just to keep her running.  The most valuable thing in the world probably costs a lot of money."

"Whatever it is," thought Cricket outloud, "we are going to have to make sure it never gets lost or stolen."

 "It's a big responsibility to take care of a valuable gift, because you never want to lose it," said Cricket as she admired her diamond ring.  "But we are old enough now to handle an impawtant gift."
"Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, what is the most valuable thing of all?" laughed the girls, half expecting the mirror to speak to them.

All they saw in the mirror was themselves, (looking rather beautiful they thought).

"Maybe WE are the most valuable of all," laughed Molly Malone.  "Let's go see if the guys are ready!"