Going to the Chapel  

Indeed, the guests were arriving and taking their seats in the backyard wedding that Patrick had hoped for.

Friends from near and far received their invitations, typed by Mr. Remington. They happily made the journey to see Patrick and Cricket marry.

One by one, they arrived at the little outdoor chapel that Colonel Kramer created using uprights' lawn furniture.  Molly and the terriers decorated the yard with flowers, ribbons and bows. Colonel Kramer helped Mr. Remington to sit in front so he could welcome the guests.

Chloe and Mattie drove with "Handsome Hank" from Pennsylvania. Furlock Bones, Agent Beak and Jamesie came, and the pups that Wiggle helped to rescue, Brady, Heidi, Gracie and Chester all came too.

"No one is going to believe how big you are!" said Mr. Remington with an approving ding of his bell.

"Is the bride coming?" asked Baby Gracie in awe.

Mr. and Mrs. Robin were all dressed up and waiting for the wedding from their beautiful nest in the Gumdrop Tree.

"Patrick is so happy to have his wedding by this special tree!" smiled Mr. Robin.

"We are so lucky to have our nest in this tree," said Mrs. Robin, "I don't know how we will ever be able to repay them."

"We'll find a way," said Mr. Robin.  "For starters, we can make sure there is always a song in the Gumdrop Tree."

Mrs. Robin nodded in approval. 
"Weddings always make me cry," she sniffed.

Wigglebus was also dressed up. She waited happily for the wedding to begin with her birthday hubcaps and a beautiful veil that Molly Malone made just for her.

Wiggle could not believe how much the pups had grown up, and  that any minute now they would be married. Anticipation filled the air.