The Wedding Paw-cession  

The guests were so excited as the change in music signaled that the wedding was about to begin.  

The dogs cranked their necks to get the first glimpse of the wedding pawcession.

The littlest dog was first. 

HT solemnly walked up the aisle in her white and soft yellow bridesmaid dress.  She sniffled back a tear as she thought of Cricket and Patrick and their special day.

"Everyone has grown up so fast," she thought.

Scruffy was dressed in lavender and white.  It was her job to be the Tag Bearer, which she took very seriously.

"Without these tags, they cannot get married," she thought proudly. "The most important job of all goes to the terriers!"

As Scruffy neared the place where Cricket and Patrick would marry, she became nervous about how very important her job really was. "What if I drop them?" she thought.

Agent Beak whispered a reassuring salute, "Great Job Scruffy!"

Scruffy smiled and blew him a kiss.  

She was glad someone else knew how important her respawnsibility was.

After all, Patrick and Cricket had these custom made for their wedding.  

There were no others like them in the whole world, and Scruffy was pleased that they trusted her to keep them safe and sound.

Molly Malone looked beautiful in her favorite color blue.  Her heart was pounding with a mix of pride and happiness that her sweet sister was getting married.  She also felt a little sad that in some ways, it meant their puppyhood was over.

"I'm not losing my sister," she thought.  "I'm gaining a brother-in-paw!"